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Stay Overnight in Authentic Hictoric Bunker
€25.00 / d


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Do You Dare to Stay in Historic Bunker?

The bunker is guaranteed to offer a unique form of accommodation. It has a wooden platform that sleeps three to four people. It has an electric light and plug, but no heating. Two LED storm lanterns provide additional light and atmosphere.

Pack your own warm sleeping bag and a camping mattress and feel the safety of the bunker! Now you can experience this in the bunker in the courtyard of the Virolahti Bunker Museum. The overnight accommodation is available for both Salpa Hiking Trail visitors and those interested in the experience itself.

All complimentary social facilities (shower, toilet, fridge, water point, electric stove) are available for overnight guests (see photos). Overnight guests will receive a code for the door locker by SMS closer to the booking time.

A cosy barbecue shelter of the Salpapolku is located about 200 metres away and also at your use. There you will find a fireplace, tables, benches, an outdoor toilet and a firewood stove. These are also free for overnight guests.

NOTE! You can also buy a gift voucher for this unique experience - please, ask for more information!