Virolahti Has Plenty to Experience in All Seasons!

The location of Virolahti next to the Baltic sea and the eastern border line creates its own dimension to the attractions in the region. Centuries of interaction with different people have created a strong cultural base in Virolahti. Diverse nature provides a beautiful environment, while the inspiring sea and eventful history offer memorable experiences.

In spring Virolahti is the best place to watch the spring migration of birds at Arktika. Summer nature is full of nature's own attractions and activity opportunities. You can go golfing, swimming, horse riding, hiking or boating in the eastern Gulf of Finland. Virolahti has also excellent winter sports facilities. Put on your skis or ice skates or go for a walk in the snowy nature!

Local programme service companies will make sure you don't run out of things to do during your visit. We also have plenty to see and do for lovers of traditional culture lovers. The region's cultural offerings are at their most varied in summer, with events to suit all tastes.