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Virolahti Bunker Museum

Virolahti Bunker Museum

Experience the Virolahti Bunker Museum which exhibits the construction of the great Salpalinja defense line against Russia during the WW2 in the 1940’s. The museum is also real part of a defense station from the WW2!

During your visit, you will see an authentic part of the great Salpalinja defense line in the middle of a beautiful forest landscape and also get to know a lot of military objects from the war era. The guide will tell you a lot of interesting facts about wartime life in Finland.

The museum's exhibition area includes an indoor exhibition, a short film about the construction of the Salpalinja defense line (duration 15 min, language versions available in English, Swedish, German, and Russian) and the fortification area located in the outdoor museum area: 3 illuminated reinforced concrete bunkers, a ball dugout, a wooden dugout, and a collection of different cannons.

This almost 1200 km long defense line starts from the Virolahti region, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, and continues all the way to the Arctic Ocean!

We recommend you prepare for the visit with suitable clothing and comfortable footwear.