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Autumn Birdwatching Days in Virolahti

Welcome to Virolahti Autumn Bird Days

Virolahti's Autumn Bird Days are dominated by Moorhens, Sparrowhawks, White-tailed Sea Eagles, Bee-eagles and the first Ground Eagles. Arctic geese are migrating and cranes are expected. Swans are still on the move and the days will tell whether some species are on their autumn migration.

Adult birds have nested during the summer and in autumn it will be the turn of the chicks to embark on their first migration. By the end of September, insectivores are generally further south, but birds of prey and other larger birds are just starting to migrate.

Weather conditions are a big factor, but there are always plenty of birds on the move at this time of year. The best places to spot birds are birdwatching towers an

The programme will be published during the summer of 2024

The programme also includes guided birding and nature tours, which can be booked and purchased from our online shop

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